Finishing Touches 


  • Prices shown on pages are subject to change.
  • Prices quoted in event contracts are guaranteed for 60 days prior to the event.
  • To ensure adequate food quantities and related services, you will need to confirm guest count by the date specified in our contract [generally five (5) days prior to the event date.]
  • After the confirmation date, we are able to accommodate increases in guest count but not reductions (as we cannot return excess food supplies ordered for your event).
  • Guest count changes can be communicated to us by phone, fax or email. Unless notified of changes within contract time frames, we will prepare and bill for the contracted number.
  • To reserve a specific event date, Cateraide may require a deposit which will be applied toward your final bill.  If required, deposit amount and payment due date will be shown in your contract.
  • The deposit for a function canceled with 14 days or less notice becomes the property of Cateraide.
  • We require payment in full at the completion of the event unless other previous arrangements have been made.
  • Additional charges for late or insufficient payment may be applied to the final balance due.
  • Cateraide accepts payment by cash or  check .
  • The host (the party contracting the event) accepts responsibility for damages by guests to event premises or any part thereof, for the duration of the guests' stay. Cateraide will not assume responsibility for any damage or loss of merchandise or articles left on the premises.
  • Sales taxes for Virginia (5.3%) and the City of Richmond (6%) is applied to Food and Beverages cost.
  • Sales tax for Virginia (5.3%) is applied to Logistics, Decor, Flowers, and Services
  • Authorized tax-exempt forms are required by Cateraide with the event contract
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